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Bruce Tucker, Contracted Human Intelligence
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The Special Operations Group conducts all Tactical Paramilitary and Covert Action contracts for the Defense Intelligence Community's Special Access Programs in both autonomous and support capabilities.  We subcontract only the best because failure is never an option.

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The mind in the ultimate weapon and the ability to alter someone’s perception is akin to altering reality. We go far beyond simple propaganda; our agents can persuade and influence an entire region what they saw or participated in was something completely different—or never happened at all. 

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Section 5105 activities are outside the Congressional Oversight purview, but are not immune from TGI's own internal & external ethics and regulation Oversight. It is crucial that the integrity of our officers be held to the highest standard, on task or off.  It is a necessary safeguard when civilians are entrusted with such highly classified information.

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TGI is a prime contractor for Department of Defense Special Access Programs and Intelligence Community Controlled Access Programs in both unacknowledged and acknowledged capacities. We provide actionable, tactical and strategic solutions to the Intelligence Community and broader National Defense landscape. TGI helps resolve the evolving and highly complex issues plaguing today's mission-critical Human Intelligence (HUMINT) and Specialized Clandestine activities.

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As a GSA Multiple Award Schedule, task-specific core contractor with several TS/SCI carve-out contracts, TGI collaborates with various components of the US Intelligence Community, NATO SOF, and Global Intelligence Network. The information we provide helps protect and secure our homeland from counterinsurgency & deters anti-humanitarian threats.  Over the last decade, our work has become increasingly multidisciplinary and broader in scope to facilitate discrete, nonrecurring tasks. As with our other contracts, this is accomplished using specialized expertise in Clandestine Intelligence collection and advanced Psychological Operations tradecraft. 

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SOG is a covert paramilitary unit used on task-specific operations generally classified as "special

activities".  TGI subcontracts individuals from the Special Forces community, forming the only tactical cells comprised of active Commandos, Seals, and Rangers working collectively on a common mission. These special activities include covert operations on foreign soil as required by the Director of National Intelligence on behalf of any one of the seventeen Intelligence

Community components. 

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SECTION 5105 // Clandestine Services

A division of the Special Operations Group, Section 5105 is an elite group of Clandestine officers trained in infiltration intelligence collection and tactical PsyOps.   They are tasked with all deep cover reconnaissance & Clandestine HUMINT contracts.   Their expertise in human behavior and advanced PsyOps is their only weapon in the field. Section 5105 contracts are the highest classified operations TGI facilitates and due to the proximity to hostile targets over an extended time, also the most dangerous awarded to civilians. Once activated, these officers are completely autonomous and have full operational command until their objective is realized. 

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APOLLO LIMITED,  NCS // Financial Crime Investigation


Apollo specializes in global financial crime investigation and enforcement. Analyzing suspicious bank activity can reveal a plethora of invaluable Intelligence that can expose organized crime syndicates, human traffickers, global drug traffickers, black market arms dealers, and terrorist cells. Apollo officers are more than just data analysts, they participate in every phase of the contract including field operations. No matter where it leads, they "follow the money trail" to the source.

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Acting in the best interest of American Citizens and U.S. Government, the Office conducts independent investigations into corruption, misconduct, and conflicts of interest in order to achieve a more effective, accountable, and ethical nonprofit community. We collaborate with IRS Criminal Investigations and the Office of the Inspector General to bring justice to those who abuse the trust they have been given. 



TGI's activities are governed by Executive Order 12333, United States Intelligence Activities, which establishes general principles governing intelligence collection, retention and dissemination, and by specifying that intelligence activities concerning U.S. persons may only be conducted in accordance with procedures established by the Director of National Intelligence.  Certain divisions and subcontractors are granted full governmental immunity for term, so TGI employs strict internal controls to ensure that trust and authority is not abused.


We demonstrate the highest degree of integrity in our actions and our character. We are committed to instilling professional and ethical behavior in all our members, contractors and subcontractors.  Without a heightened sense of morality, the autonomy and broad immunity conferred upon our field officers could easily corrupt and defeat all we aim to achieve.


Collaboration is the fundamental basis of  what Tucker Global Initiatives does. As a prime contractor, we are but one voice in a coalition of Intelligence Officers and we rely heavily on collaboration among our constituent elements and global partners. Our contracts have broad ramifications beyond any one single nation, so it is imperative we forge allegiances with our foreign intelligence counterparts and civilian assets to ensure our objectives.  Our duty is to the United States of America, but our actions and end-game have a global impact that affects all people. 


Tucker believes strongly that diversity is not only vital to our primary mission, but to the survival of mankind.  Our goals could not be accomplished without a talented workforce that embraces diversity at its core.  To combat the emergent global, and increasingly complex national security threats, TGI must employ, develop, and retain a dynamic, agile workforce that reflects diversity in its broadest context: cultural backgrounds, ethnicity, race, gender, age, disability, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, heritage, language proficiency, and perspectives. At Tucker Global, we aspire to evolve and expand our diversity consciousness so we no longer see mankind's differences, but our similarities and embrace the fact we are fundamentally one race--The Human Race.  


A strong partnership between the U.S. private and public sectors remains one of the cornerstones of ensuring an intelligence advantage for our nation's decision-makers, law enforcement officers, and war-fighters. The Intelligence Community out-sources  a large number of its operations to civilian defense contractors of which we are just one.  


It is TGI's role  to provide timely, insightful, objective, and relevant intelligence about the activities, capabilities, plans, and intentions of foreign powers, organizations, persons, and their agents. TGI does not make policy recommendations on that intelligence nor does it have a political agenda.  Our main objective is to collect, analyze, and disseminate intelligence activities directed against the United States and only  intervenes when necessary to protect against hostile acts where loss-of-life is imminent.  Our contracts only define a specific and required outcome and do not outline a course of action, nor is one to be supplied. With such flexibility, we value and rely on our officers to develop innovated and pragmatic solutions to the current challenges and enable those ideas into reality. 


The Special Operations Group and Section 5105 both have a no failure policy for a specific reason: "It must be assumed that the failure of a mission objective will result in a catastrophic loss-of-life and potentially destabilize civil order." So, to  accomplish a task or die trying  is not as unreasonable as one may think when weighed against the countless innocents lives that will be saved as a result. 


"There is no death more honorable than that of a martyr who freely gives their life to save a stranger."  

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