is an international boutique

Financial Crime Consultancy

firm that serves as strategic

advisers to the U. S. Government

as well as private enterprise.


Our dedicated professionals focus exclusively on financial crime investigation and have been contracted by federal and state crime bureaus to expose financial 

fraud in a variety of organizations and industriesOur ability to produce irrefutable forensic evidence is the key

to securing guilty convictions. The expert

testimony we provide is above reproach and backed by decades of practical field  experience. Many of our contractors

have developed their own unique fraud detection techniques that are now taught at the academy, so one can say our pros literally wrote the [text] book on fraud detection.

Apollo Limited's  prime underlying principle, like all subsidiaries of Tucker Global

is to bring truth to the people.

It is the common thread that

connects  the divisions


At Apollo Limited, we help

our clients uncover --

  • What happened?

  • Who was involved?

  • How was the crime conceived, executed & concealed?

  • When did the key events occur?

  • Did a breakdown in management, supervision, or governance happen?

  • What is the likeliness of

  • it reoccurring? 


"We are experts at finding the

truth behind

the numbers".


As a division of Tucker Global Initiatives,

Apollo Limited collaborates with similar organizations in the  Global Intelligence Network, creating an international

presence with nearly unlimited  capability. The firm's professional expertise in unique

problem-solving and unlimited access to 

resources not available to the general public or local law enforcement gives them an advantage .    

Apollo Limited is headquartered  in Phoenix, Arizona where it serves as an Intelligence

contract facilitator aiding in the dismantling of  the vast criminal nexus operating in that region. Phoenix  has been a central  hub for 

criminal activity for decades, including those 

in the narcotics trade, black market high-yield weapons trade, and human trafficking.

Apollo is dedicated to eliminating such anti-humanitarian terrorist groups and restoring stability to the Southwest and the world. 

This effort has made Apollo Limited the 

Southwest's  primary Intelligence contractor  for  Financial  Crime  Enforcement and  the  tracing of

illicit funds. 


Our job is to determine what strategic, tactical, and fundamental steps should be taken to eliminate vulnerabilities, immediately and over time.


By integrating specialized expertise in financial crime

investigation, compliance, law enforcement, forensic analysis, data analytics and cyber investigations, Apollo Limited assists corporations, boards of directors and executive management in determining and mitigating exposure to risks and preventing outcomes that could result in financial, reputational, or regulatory damage

to the company image and shareholder value.

We employ rigorous fact-finding and analytical techniques to identify, assess and manage

organizational risks, threats and vulnerabilities confronting your business.


What is Financial Crime ?


(c)Copyright 2019 Bruce W Tucker, Director, Tucker Global Initiatives.